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Spring 2018 Litters………….

Feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email regarding current or planned litters, and/or getting on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our “policies” page as well as the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” and “Contract/Guarantee”  links!


Spring 2018 Litters:  See Below


April 15, 2018 Update:   ***Please Note***  We still have several people with deposits in place for the following 2 litters.  We should know more about possible available pups by the weekend of April 21, 2018.   Please contact us about possible available pups from Maya’s litter after that date.


1st Litter:   

Maya X Reno   

Arrived!!   Born March 15, 2018  

Pictures posted below at 4 1/2 weeks old (April 15, 2018)  Next pictures will be posted approx April 22, 2018

This Litter will be ready to go to their new homes on May 3, 2018 @ 7 weeks.

  “Gilly”   (Sold)   Going home with Jennifer O.

 Blue Merle Female # 2    (Sold)  Going home with Janine C.

Blue Merle Male # 1   (Sold)  Going home with Megan F.

Blue Merle Male # 2   (Sold)  Going home with Kevin M.

“MAYA”  (Sold)  Going home with Marc and Carly!

Red Merle Male  (Hold)  Staying at Ramblin Ridge!

“Coco”   (Sold)   Going home with Sage, Chloe, and Ariel!

Red Tri Male   $1200

Black Tri Female # 1   (Sold)   Going home with Jonathan R.

“Maisy”   (Sold)   Going home with Charlotte and Curtis!

Black Tri Female # 3   $1200


2nd Litter: 

Arrived!   Born March 31, 2018

Krystal X River 

Pictures posted @ 2 weeks of age (April 17, 2018)    Next pictures in approx 1 week

This litter will be ready to go to their new homes May 19, 2018 (7 weeks)


Blue Merle Female   (Sold)  Going home with Emily K.

Blue Merle Male #1   $1500

“Willie”    (Sold)  Going home with Hannah B.

Blue Merle Male #3   $1500

Blue Merle Male #4   $1500

Blue Merle Male #5   $1500

Black Tri Female   $1200

“Jack”  (Sold)  Going home with Kinga M.   (Gets to keep his tail!)