Summer/Fall 2022 Litters

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Feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email regarding current or planned litters, and/or getting on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our “Policies” page as well as the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” and “Contract/Guarantee”  links.

        (336) 394-3480       ramblinridge@aol.com



We are very sorry, but we cannot offer restroom facilities while visiting our home and kennels.  There are two convenience store/gas stations 1/16th of a mile from our driveway with lots of goodies, snacks, sandwiches, refreshments, and clean restrooms!!   


Next Ramblin Ridge Litters: 

Anticipated wait times:

6-9 months (possible) wait for a red or blue merle from the time deposit is placed (Updated Sept 20, 2022)

2-3 months (possible) wait for a red or black tri from the time deposit is placed (Updated Sept 20, 2022)   

Please call or email with questions.  

Current Litters:

Hayley x Stitch   ARRIVED!  Details of litter posted below

Next Planned Litters (Fall/Winter):

Whisper x Bowie:  Pregnancy is confirmed!  Due early October.    All 4 colors possible. 

Faith x Flynn:  Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done mid October.  Potential due date mid November.  All 4 colors possible


Current Waiting List For Puppies: 

*Tail=Request Tail left on    

  1.  Shellie & James                     Male-Blue or Red Merle (Whisper’s next litter)
  2.  Victor V                                  Male or Female-Blue Merle (2023)
  3.  Tyler W                                   Male-Red Merle (Summer/Fall 2022)
  4.  Mo & Jeff                                Female-Open to color (Fall 2022)
  5.  Caleb W                                  Female-Open to color (Ready Jan 2023)
  6.  Taylor & Justin                      Male-Red Merle
  7.  Kevin & Rachel                      Female-Blue or Red Merle (Ready Jan 2023)  *Tail
  8.  Arnaldo M                              Male or Female-Blue Merle  *Tail 
  9.  Nicole & Alex                         Male-Blue Merle  *Tail
  10.  Michelle H                               Male-Red Merle, Blue Merle, or Red Tri
  11.  Karthik R                                Male-Red or BlackTri (Summer 2023)
  12.  Isabella & Wyatt                      Male-Red Merle *Tail
  13.  Kat M                                       Blue Merle, Red Tri or Black Tri (On-Hold for puppy pick)
  14.  Jennifer F                                Male or Female-Blue or Red Merle or Tri *Tail
  15.  John D                                    Male-Blue or Red Merle
  16.  Bindu & Srini                          Male-Red or Blue Merle (Spring 2023) *Tail
  17.  Kara S                                     Female-Red Tri or Red Merle (2023)
  18.  Stephanie B                            Female-Red or Blue Merle (Spring 2023)
  19.  Miriane M                                Any color or gender
  20.  Susan A                                   Male or Female-Red Merle
  21.  Gary G                                     Female-Red or Black Tri  *Tail
  22.  Courtney H                              Female-Blue Merle or Red Merle
  23.  Tracy P                                     Female-Red Tri or RF Black Tri
  24.  Sarah & Danny                        Female-Red Merle or Red Tri  *Tail
  25.  Nicole F                                    Female-Red Tri (Spring/Summer 2023)
  26.  Jonathan A                               Female pref-Red Tri or Black Tri  *Tail
  27.  Stephanie B                             Open to color & gender
  28.  Rob M                                       Male or Female-Red or Blue Merle
  29.  Danielle G                                 Red or Blue Merle
  30.  Nadia G                                     Male or Female-Red or Blue Merle
  31.  Kayla L                                      Male-Blue or Red Merle
  32.  Christopher C                           Female-Blue Merle
  33.  Abraham & Abigail                   Female-Blue Merle
  34.  Craig C                                      Female-Red Tri
  35.  Emily & Tanner                         Male-Red Merle or Blue Merle-Open to others
  36.  Hannah & Luke                         Female-Blue Merle or Red Merle
  37.  Lindsay B                                  Male or Female-Black Tri or Blue 
  38.  Mykayla L                                  Male-Blue or Red Merle
  39.  Judi & Frankie                           Female-Red Tri or Black Tri
  40.  Angela K                                    Female-Blue or Red Merle


September 19, 2022  ARRIVED!

Hayley x Stitch

Pictures posted below @ 9 days old (Sept 28, 2022)  Next pictures in approx 1 week or when eyes are fully open.

“Mara”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Seth & Allison in Cary, NC

Red Tri Female  (On-Hold for current deposit holders) 

Red Tri Male  (RESERVED)  Going home with Bart in New Jersey

“Bernadette”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Katie in Norfolk, VA

Black Tri Male # 1  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

Black Tri Male # 2  (RESERVED)  Going home with Michael & Amanda in Cameron, NC

“Berkeley”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Stanhope & Megan in Greensboro, NC


Whisper x Bowie

Due early-October  (All 4 colors possible)








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