Available Pups

Summer 2020 Litters….

Feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email regarding current or planned litters, and/or getting on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our “policies” page as well as the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” and “Contract/Guarantee”  links.

        (336) 394-3480       ramblinridge@aol.com

COVID-19:  All visitors to Ramblin Ridge are required to wear a mask/face cover.  Maximum of 3 people (no children under 13) will be allowed to visit at this time due to limited space and keeping appropriate social distancing.   Before entry to our kennel building, everyone must be okay with stepping on a light bleach solution (soaked towel) prior to entry as well as using hand sanitizer.   So sorry, but we cannot offer bathroom facilities while visiting our home and kennels.  There are two convenience store/gas stations 1/16th of a mile from our driveway with lots of goodies, snacks, sandwiches, refreshments, and clean restrooms!!


Ramblin Ridge Litters:


Arrived:   August 21, 2020  (All puppies have been placed)

Lindy x Wyatt

Pictures posted below @ 3 weeks of age (Sept 14, 2020)  Next pictures will be posted in approx 1 week.

These puppies will be ready to go to their new homes after Oct 9, 2020

Blue Merle Male  (Sold)  Going home with Idelisse and Alec in Greensboro, NC

“Brody”  (Sold)  Going home with Whitney and Mike in Fredericksburg, VA

Red Merle Male # 2  (Sold)  Going home with Steve and Jen in Asheville, NC

Red Merle Female  (Sold)  Going home with Keith in Southern Pines, NC

Red Tri Male  (Sold)  Going home with David and Rachael in Durham, NC

Red Tri Female  (Sold)  Going home with Justin in Charlotte, NC

Black Tri Male  (Sold)  Going home with Sean and Sarah in Charlotte, NC

“Sophie Claire”  (Sold)  Going home with Chris and Becky in Summerville, SC

Next Ramblin Ridge Litters are planned for arrival in November/December.   Waiting list has been started (see below).   No more deposits will be accepted until further notice.  Updates will be made here when we can confirm pregnancies as well as accept more deposits.  Stay tuned>>>>

Current Waiting List For Puppies:

  • 1) Gracie K                       Blue Merle Female   
  • 2) Emily F                         Red or Blue Merle Female
  • 3) Marco P                        Male-Any color
  • 4) Kimi B                           Blue Merle Male or Female
  • 5) Emily L                          Blue Merle Male
  • 6) Sean E                          Red or Blue Merle
  • 7) Leslie B                         Black Tri Male
  • 8) Christy C                       Female-Merle or Tri
  • 9) Chris H                          Red Tri Female
  • 10) Mike M                         Blue Merle or Black Tri
  • 11) Karen A                       Blue Merle or Black Tri Female
  • 12) Justin G                       Merle or Tri
  • 13) Azura L                        Merle or Tri
  • 14) Jenna W                       Red or Black Tri Female
  • 15) Joanne L                      Red Merle Female
  • 16) Lauren M                     Blue Merle Male 
  • 17) Kate O                         Tri Male or Female 
  • 18) Kathleen L                   Any Color, Male or Female