Available Pups

Spring/Summer 2024 Litters

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Proud to be recognized by Gooddog.com for being a GREAT Breeder of Australian Shepherds!

Feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email regarding current or planned litters, and/or getting on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our “Policies” page as well as the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” and “Contract/Guarantee”  links.

        (336) 394-3480       ramblinridge@aol.com



We are very sorry, but we cannot offer restroom facilities while visiting our home and kennels.  There are 2 great convenience store/gas stations 1/16th of a mile from our driveway with lots of goodies, snacks, sandwiches, refreshments, and clean restrooms!!   Thanks for your understanding!

Anticipated Wait Times: 

If no puppies are currently available, then 4-6 months (possible) wait for a red or blue merle from the time deposit is placed (Updated Nov 17, 2023)  See below for available pups

If no puppies are currently available, then 3-4 months (possible) wait for a red or black tri from the time deposit is placed (Updated Nov 17, 2023)  See below for available pups 

Please call, text, or email with questions.  

Current Litters:

Sage X Bowie  ARRIVED!  All Are Reserved!

Next Expected Litters (Spring/Summer 2024):

Lindy x Woody  CONFIRMED PREGNANT!  Due early to mid March Puppies would be ready for homes approx early to mid May.  Blue Merle, Red Merle, Red Tri & Black Tri possible

Harper x Woody   Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done early March.  Potential due date early April.  Puppies would be ready for homes approx late May.  Red Merle and Red Tri possible (No blue merle or black tri expected)

Coming Soon….(early 2024)

Faith x Woody  (All 4 colors possible)

Laney x Bowie   (All 4 colors possible)

Current Waiting List For Puppies: 

*Tail=Request Tail left on    

  1.  Lauren F                                       Female-Red or Blue Merle (Spring 2024) *Tail
  2.  Jessica W                                      Female or Male-Red Tri or Blue Merle  *Tail 
  3.  Susan L                                          Male-Red Tri
  4.  Lilly R                                              Male-Red Merle 
  5.  Michelle H                                      Male-Red Merle, Blue Merle, or Red Tri 
  6.  Kristen S                                        Male-Blue Merle or Red Merle (Spring 2024)
  7.  Jon G                                              Male or Female-Blue Merle  *Tail
  8.  Bindu & Srini                                  Male-Red Merle  *Tail
  9.  Nick & Erica                                    Female-Red Merle (Spring 2024)  *Tail
  10.  Omar R                                            Male-Blue Merle or Red Merle
  11.  Austin S                                          Male-Red Merle
  12.  Matt S                                              Female-Red Merle  *Tail
  13.  Gracie B                                           Male or Female-Red Merle  *Tail
  14.  Gaela B                                            Male-Red Merle
  15.  Casey & Alex                                   Female-Red Merle (After May 2024) *Tail Optional
  16.  Kara B                                              Male or Female-Red Merle  *Tail
  17.  Robin D                                            Male-Red Merle or Blue Merle
  18.  Logan M                                     Male-Blue Merle
  19.  Kathy & Mike                             Male-Red Merle, open to other colors *Tail
  20.  Adam & Haley                            Female-Red Merle
  21.  Evan A                                        Male or Female-Blue Merle  *Tail 


ARRIVED!  Born Jan 15, 2024

Sage x Bowie  (ALL ARE RESERVED)

Pictures posted below @ 5 1/2 weeks (Feb 24, 2024). Next pictures will be done in approx 1 week.   

“GRACIE”  (RESERVED) Going home with Cameron & Marcella in New Bern, NC

“ALICE”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Nicholas in Newark, DE

“TRAZYN”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Jordan & Callan in Severn, MD

“LULU”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Heather in Fayetteville, NC

Congrats on your 2nd Ramblin Ridge Aussie!

“STITCH”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Clay & Nancy in Piney Flats, TN

Red Tri Female # 1  (RESERVED)  Going home with Anne in Raleigh, NC

“ESPRESSO”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Brenda & Zack in Alexandria, VA

“LEIF”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Susanna & Erik in Wayne, MI

“JOSIE”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Kathleen in Mt Ulla, NC

“BEAR”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Keith & Anita in Vinton, VA




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