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Summer/Fall 2022 Litters

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Proud to be recognized by Gooddog.com for being a GREAT Breeder of Australian Shepherds!

Feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email regarding current or planned litters, and/or getting on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our “Policies” page as well as the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” and “Contract/Guarantee”  links.

        (336) 394-3480       ramblinridge@aol.com


Updated Feb 17, 2022:    COVID-19:  We are fully vaccinated and boosted at Ramblin Ridge.   Masks are encouraged while visiting our facility, but not required at this time.

We are very sorry, but we cannot offer restroom facilities while visiting our home and kennels.  There are two convenience store/gas stations 1/16th of a mile from our driveway with lots of goodies, snacks, sandwiches, refreshments, and clean restrooms!!   


Next Ramblin Ridge Litters: 

Anticipated wait times:

6-9 months (possible) wait for a red or blue merle from the time deposit is placed (Updated June 6, 2022)

4-6 months (possible) wait for a red or black tri from the time deposit is placed (Updated June 6, 2022)   

Please call or email with questions.  

Current Litters:

Harper x River  ARRIVED!   Details of litter posted below! (All Are Reserved)

Next Planned Litters (Summer/Fall):

Hayley x Stitch:  Due mid to late September.  Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done late August.  All 4 colors possible.

Whisper x Bowie:  Due early October.  Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done early September.  All 4 colors possible. 

Gabby x Bowie:  Due early October.  Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done early September.  Blue Merle and Black Tri possible


Current Waiting List For Puppies: 

*Tail=Request Tail left on    

  1.  Shellie & James                Blue or Red Merle Male (Whisper’s next litter)
  2.  Victor V                              Blue Merle Male or Female (2023)
  3.  Tyler W                               Red Merle Male (Summer/Fall 2022)
  4.  Diego L                               Red Merle, Blue Merle or Red Tri (Summer/Fall 2022)
  5.  Mo & Jeff                            Female-Open to color (Fall 2022)
  6.  Caleb W                              Female-Open to color (Winter 2022)
  7.  Seth & Allison                     Red or Blue Merle-Male or Female (October or later)  *Tail
  8.  Taylor & Justin                    Red Merle Male
  9.  Kevin & Rachel                   Female-Merle, open to others (Ready Jan 2023)
  10.  Arnaldo M                            Blue Merle Male or Female  *Tail 
  11.  Bart C                                   Red Tri Male  *Tail
  12.  Nicole & Alex                        Blue Merle Male  *Tail
  13.  Katie G                                  Female-Merle preferred, open to others  *Tail
  14.  Michelle H                             Red or Blue Merle Male
  15.  Karthik R                              Tri Male (Summer 2023)
  16.  Isabella & Wyatt                   Red Merle Male  *Tail
  17.  Meaghan & Jon                     Blue Merle Male
  18.  Kat M                                      Female-Blue Merle, Red Tri or Black Tri
  19.  Jennifer F                              Female-Blue or Red Merle or Tri  *Tail
  20.  John D                                   Male-Blue or Red Merle
  21.  Bindu & Srini                         Male-Red or Blue Merle (Spring 2023) *Tail
  22.  Kara S                                    Female-Red Tri or Red Merle (2023)
  23.  Stephanie B                           Female-Red or Blue Merle (Spring 2023)
  24.  Stanhope & Megan                Female-Black Tri or Blue Merle  *Tail
  25.  Miriane M                                Any color or gender
  26.  Susan A                                   Red Merle Male or Female
  27.  Gary G                                     Red or Black Tri Female  *Tail
  28.  Abby W                                    Black Tri or Blue Merle
  29.  Courtney H                              Blue Merle or Red Merle Female
  30.  Tracy P                                     Red Tri Female
  31.  Sarah & Danny                        Red Merle or Red Tri Female  *Tail
  32.  Nicole F                                    Red Tri Female (Spring/Summer 2023)
  33.  Jonathan A                               Red Tri or Black Tri Female Pref
  34.  Stephanie B                             Open to color & gender
  35.  Rob M                                       Merle Male or Female
  36.  Danielle G                                 Red or Blue Merle


July 1, 2022-ARRIVED!

Harper x River  (All Are Reserved)

Pictures posted below @ 5 1/2 weeks old (Aug 9, 2022) 

“Annie” (RESERVED)  Going home with Maria & Nick in Huntersville, NC

“Desi”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Scott & Lee In Virginia Beach, VA

Congrats on your 2nd Ramblin Ridge Aussie!

Red Tri Female # 1  (RESERVED)  Going home with Aleina in Greenville, SC

“Willow”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Judy & Joe in St. Augustine, FL

“Ruby”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Jim & Pearl in Raleigh, NC

“Sable” (RESERVED)  Going home with James in Wentworth, NC


“Ranger”  (RESERVED)  Going home with Sarah & Carl in Lincolnton, NC

Congrats on your 3rd Ramblin Ridge Aussie!






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