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Fall/Winter 2021 Litters

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Feel free to contact us by phone, text, or email regarding current or planned litters, and/or getting on our waiting list.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please read our “Policies” page as well as the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” and “Contract/Guarantee”  links.

        (336) 394-3480       ramblinridge@aol.com


Updated Aug 18, 2021:    COVID-19:  We are fully vaccinated at Ramblin Ridge, but due to the recent upsurge of the Covid-19 Delta virus, we respectfully request that all visitors wear a mask.   

We are also very sorry, but we cannot offer restroom facilities while visiting our home and kennels.  There are two convenience store/gas stations 1/16th of a mile from our driveway with lots of goodies, snacks, sandwiches, refreshments, and clean restrooms!!   


Next Ramblin Ridge Litters: 

Anticipated wait times:

6-9 months possible wait for a red or blue merle.

3-4 months possible wait for a red or black tri.   

Please call or email with questions.  

Next Planned/Expected Litters: 

Lexie x Wyatt   ARRIVED!!   Details of litter posted below…

Willow x Stitch  ARRIVED!!  Details of litter coming soon…

Kandy x Wyatt   Pregnancy Confirmed! Due Oct 18-22  (Blue Merle and Black Tri)

Shelby x Karson  Pregnancy ultrasound to be done mid-October (Blue Merle and Black Tri)

Whisper x Stitch  Pregnancy ultrasound to be done late-October (All 4 colors possible)

Planned Litters for Fall/Winter:

Lindy x Stitch or Wyatt

 Gabby x Wyatt

 Harper x River



Current Waiting List For Puppies: 

*Tail=Request Tail left on  (No additional requests are possible for 2021 Litters)  

  1.  Karthik R                  Tri Male (Ready December 2021) 
  2.  Lisa S                        Blue Merle Male  *Tail
  3.  Pam B                        Red Merle Male (Summer/Fall 2021)
  4.  Leslie & Mario            Blue Merle Male or Female (Fall/Winter 2021)
  5.  Jake C                        Blue Merle Male (Fall/Winter 2021) *Tail
  6.  Kevin H                       Blue Merle (When available)
  7.  Nicole & Michael        Black Tri Female (Ready-Jan 2022) *Tail
  8.  Jennifer B                    Blue Merle Male or Female (When available) *Tail
  9.  Travis W                      Blue or Red Merle Male (Winter 2021-sooner if available)
  10.  Ben & Rachael            Blue Merle Female (When available) *Tail
  11.  Will & Morgan              Blue Merle Female (After October)
  12.  Holden K                      Blue Merle Female (Ok-Fall/Winter 2021)
  13.  Laura S                         Any Color, Any Gender (2022 litters) *Tail
  14.  Dorothy D                     Blue Merle Female (When available) *Tail
  15.  Chrissie & Tim             Blue Merle or Excess White Female (When available) *Tail
  16.  Jaime H                        Blue Merle Female (When Available)
  17.  Casey S                        Red or Blue Merle Female (When Available) *Tail
  18.  Cliff B                           Blue Merle or Red Tri Male (Late 2021/Early 2022) *Tail
  19.  Kaitlyn W                      Blue Merle Female (Spring 2022)
  20.  David & Candace         Red Merle Male (or possibly Female)
  21.  Samantha P                  Red Tri Female (2022)
  22.  Alicia C                          Blue Merle Female (When Available)
  23.  Marbee T                       Red or Blue Merle Male (Late 2021/Early 2022)
  24.  Meredith & Zack           Red or Blue Merle Female or Male 
  25.  Jordan S                       Red or Blue Merle Male or Female
  26.  Jared & Kati                  Open to Color
  27.  Rebecca & Mike             Red or Blue Merle Male/Female 
  28.  Sarah H                          Red Tri Male
  29.  Joan & Ed                      2 puppies: 1 Red Tri, 1 Merle
  30.  Evelynne R                     Blue Merle Female
  31.  Abby W                           Black Tri
  32.  Chris & Jenny                Blue or Red Merle Female
  33.  Gabby & Sylvia              Open to Color (Ready Summer 2022)
  34.  Abby & Max                    Red or Black Tri Male or Female
  35.  Shellie & James              Blue Merle Male (2022)
  36.  Daniel B                           Blue Merle Female (2022)
  37.  Katie H                             Female-Open to color  *Tail
  38.  Kristen & Josh                Red Tri Male (2022)
  39.  Sherri J                            Male-Red or Black Tri (December)  *Tail
  40.  Julie & Dom                    Male-Black Tri or Blue Merle (2022 Ok)
  41.  Victor V                            Blue Merle Male or Female (2022 Ok)
  42.  Samantha M                    Blue Merle Male (2022 Ok)
  43.  Gabby & Brice                 Red Tri Male
  44.  James & Natalie               Any color or gender
  45.  John J                              Male-Red or Blue Merle (2022 Ok)
  46.  Gary G                             Tri Female (December if possible)  *Tail
  47.  Diana M                           Female-Blue merle or Black Tri (Spring/Summer 2022)
  48.  Tyler W                            Red Merle Male (Spring 2022)
  49.  Lauren & Jason              Red or Blue Merle Female (Spring/Summer 2022)
  50.  Elizabeth C                      Any color or gender


Sept 9, 2021     Arrived!!  

Lexie x Wyatt

Pictures posted below @ 2 days old (Sept 11, 2021) Next pictures will be at 2 weeks or when eyes are fully open….

NBT=Natural Bob Tail

Special Note:  We knew Lexie was pregnant this time, but did not advertise her as such because of the sad loss of her last litter.  We didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, and just wanted to be sure all went well with the delivery.   Thankfully, she has done very well and has a nice healthy litter this time.   They are all little beauties!

Red Merle Male # 1  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

Red Merle Male # 2  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

Red Merle Male # 3  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

Red Merle Male # 4  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)  NBT

Black Tri Male  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

“Maverick”  (Reserved)  Going home with Alexis and Jon in Arlington, VA

Black Tri Female # 1  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

Black Tri Female # 2  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)  NBT

Black Tri Female # 3  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)



Sept 18, 2021  ARRIVED!

Willow x Stitch   (Details of litter coming soon)

This is Willow’s last litter.  She will be spayed as soon as she is fully recovered from raising her litter.   She will be made available to a loving and approved pet home.  Contact us if interested!

Red Merle Female  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)

Red Tri Female  (On-Hold for current deposit holders)


Due Oct 18-22

Kandy x Wyatt  (Blue Merle and Black Tri possible)





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