Past Aussie Pups

Handsome Boy

Lord Oakley from a Oct 2014 litter. He has turned into a handsome boy who loves all his kiddies!



Hi Brenda! Just wanted to say thank you for the pup we adopted two and a half years ago, he turned out to be beautiful, here is a picture: We named him Casper


Best Pup!

Leia is from Miley’s 12/2014 litter and is now almost 2 years old. I couldn’t have asked for a better pup. She has an amazing temperament and beautiful coat. Leia is truly the best thing that has happened to me. Thank you so much Brenda!


My Best Friend

My girl Eva was born in Darla and Bodie’s litter back in January of this year, and now at nearly 11 months old, she’s my best friend. She might just be the happiest dog I’ve ever met; she loves every person and dog she meets, and easily goes from long jogs and hikes with me to cuddling up on the couch. With a great temperament and the softest fur you could ever imagine, everybody asks me where I found Eva, and I proudly recommend Ramblin Ridge to every single one of my friends. I couldn’t be more thankful for Brenda giving me the dog of a lifetime!


My favorite boy

This is Benny, son to Brenda’s Aussie wings. There is definitely a strong resemblance there. This boy has been my best friend for the last 7 months. He lives at home with my wife and I, and is the most obedient, well behaved, loving boy I could have asked for. He’s brought so much happiness to our lives. Thank you Ramblin Ridge for the opportunity to adopt from y’all!


What a sweetheart!

We bought Levi nearly a year ago from Brenda (from Darla and Bodie’s litter in Jan 2016) and he has been an amazingly loving dog. We had a two year old at that time… now she is three and we have a newborn baby as well. Levi has been so sweet with both of the kids (and us!) and with our two kitties. He is so very smart- learns very quickly and loves to run and play outside. He’s amazing with other dogs as well- we take him to the dog park and doggy day camp frequently, and everyone loves Levi. We are very happy with him, and definitely recommend Brenda and Ramblin Ridge for anyone looking for a wonderful Aussie pup!


Our Busy Aussie

Ember is from Bodie and Darla’s 10/14 litter. She is one of the smartest dogs you will ever meet. She is always happy and loves everybody. She swims like a fish and loves to be outside. She rarely slows down! And she has one of the best coats I have ever seen. Thanks Ramblin Ridge..

Darla X Bodie Puppy


Nala and Ranger Best dogs ever

Hi Brenda

Nala and Ranger are such a huge part of our family. They are so smart, loving and protective our our kiddos! We ❤️Our aussies!!!

Nala and Ranger

Our Sweet Girl

We got our sweet Bella boo February 2014 and she’s brought us the most smiles!! She loves snuggling, playing fetch, and tearing up toys. She always gets attention for her pretty eyes and nose! We are so grateful for her!

Bella Grace

My Partner In Crime

This is Neiko! He is one of pups from Lacey and Bodie’s litter in November, 2012. I am extremely grateful for Brenda at Ramblin Ridge for creating this opportunity for me to call Neiko my own. He is truly the best dog, best companion, anyone could ever ask for. Thank you Brenda..Neiko and I are inseparable!!

Lacey X Bodie November 2012

Thanks Jessica



Miley and Wings April 2016 pup

“We might be biased but we think Merlin is the cutest pup! He has a personality that always keeps us on our toes and is so affectionate, really a great companion.”
All the Best,

Smart, Mischievous, talented and affectionate

Kodiak is a September 2015 puppy from Miley and Wings, what a great dog, he has become an absolute focal point in our home. He learns quickly, doesn’t know fear and is very kind, tolerant and gentle with our 2 year old grandson. He has melded well with our other Aussies and our dog club, he has yet to meet someone he hasn’t liked, lick, lick….
Kodiak has started agility classes and is progressing well, he loves to jump, learn and eager to please. I am really looking forward to many years agility trials. I had the opportunity to obtain a puppy here in West Florida I am glad that I found Ramblin Ridge, your puppies are outstanding examples of traditional Australian Shepherds.


Thanks Richard!


Our sweet girl

Ellie is the sweetest girl you could ever ask for. She gives us endless kisses and love every day. There’s nothing better than coming home to her excited face after work every day. She’s our best friend!


Josie X Wings 2016 Puppy


Love my girl!!

We picked up Bailey Anne on 7/7/11 (she was born on 4/18/11) and she is a treasure. Spoiled rotten (as ALL dogs should be) Bailey is a companion, protector, and what a catcher!! She loves the Frisbee or a ball and rarely misses.

Love our Aussies — we have another one (a black-bi)from Heavensown (we’ve been friends for many years) and I understand they purchased Bailey’s dad Cody.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for our awesome girl!!

Sandy X Cody Pup!

Thanks Donna!!

Bailey Anne

Smart Boy!

Jackson has an amazing vocabulary that he understands. He’s been a great mentor to another deaf dog that we rescued recently from a really bad situation. He’s a real pleasure to have around.


Bonnie is the best gift

Bonnie is the best gift to our family! She is a fun loving perfect companion. She loves hikes with the family, and is great with children. We love her so much! Thanks for trusting in us!

Bonnie Blue

Sweet Angel Dog, Otis

Otis was born 1/14/17 in River and Breezy’s litter. He is the most affectionate, fearless, charismatic, and intelligent dog I’ve ever met. He is the perfect addition to our family as he loves the outdoors, the water and other dogs. He makes every day an adventure. Thank you Ramblin Ridge for our best buddy that brings us so much joy!