Past Aussie Pups

This is my boy, Leo. He is from Shelby and Bowie ‘ s litter December 2022. He is my second pup from Brenda. He is so loving and easy going. His big sister Harley ( she is his half sister from a previous litter) keeps him in line and he does not mind at all. Best decision we ever made was to get a second Aussie from Ramblin Ridge Aussies!

Thanks Susanne!  So happy Harley & Leo are part of your family!

Leo the Great

We got Dax in April 2023 after deciding we wanted to grow our family. I contacted Ramblin Ridge and chatted with Brenda about what we needed in a puppy — the right personality that would be compatible for our girl Daisy, an 8-year-old Yorkie mix with a big bark and an even bigger personality. My husband wanted a girl Aussie but Brenda suggested a male for Daisy’s sake and it was not long before Brenda invited us to meet a puppy. We played with him for about an hour before deciding, but we immediately knew he was the one. He was so sweet and loving but already had a sense of independence at just 10 weeks old. Dax is now 5 months old and still just as sweet and independent, and incredibly smart. He crate trained and was housebroken easily. He quickly picks up new commands and is so eager to learn more. Ramblin Ridge has perfected breeding dogs that are perfectly balanced high-energy couch potatoes. Dax spends much of my work day independently playing with enrichment toys or sleeping, but is ready to hit the ground running when we go outside. He swims and runs at the beach almost every day, and before finishing off his day snuggling with Daisy. He has become her best friend and protector. I thought it would be more difficult to find the personality we needed, but Brenda somehow knew he would be a match for us. Aside from his personality, Dax is stunning and we can’t take him anywhere without people asking where we got him. At this point, I think everyone in Virginia Beach knows that Ramblin Ridge is the place to go for beautiful, smart Aussies. Dax is a red Merle from Harper and River’s Feb. 2, 2023 litter. He has already grown to a whopping 45 lbs and is expected to reach about 65 lbs once full grown. Our time with him has been short, but we can’t imagine life without Dax! — Reid, Cait & Daisy

Thank you so much for giving Dax a loving home.  I am so happy he is part of your family and that Daisy has a snuggle buddy.  Looking forward to seeing more pictures and updates as Dax grows and matures.  Hugs to Dax for me!     Brenda


Whisper & Stitch Litter (November 28, 2021)

With Covid being present, we were not able to see the pups in person, however; Brenda went above and beyond to keep each and every family in the loop, sending pictures/videos, and answering all questions. She was amazing throughout the whole process. And I could not be more then proud of the the dedication she has and provides too her pups. With that said we got our girl Azurite from Whispers litter!

Azurite was one of many. And somehow I just knew she was the one! She has grown into such a beautiful, intelligent, mellow, and loving Australian Shepherd ❤️ . She is such a well rounded Girl. She never fails to amaze me with how smart she really is… I swear she knows English! I can, without a doubt, confirm she is one of the best Aussies I’ve ever known…. and believe me, I meet alot as a groomer. Azurite has been a blessing to our family and I could not thank you enough for this lovely girl!

Thank you Brenda!
-Casey & Mason

Thanks so much Casey and Mason!  I know Azurite has a full life and a loving family with you!


We got our baby Kelvin about 2 years ago and he is the 8th wonder of the world. He’s the perfect mix between excited and mellow. He lives to love everyone and is the best cuddler. He stops traffic he’s so beautiful. He has brought so much joy to my family, he is just practically perfect in every way. Brenda is the best, we visited the litter a few weeks after they were born to calm my brothers nerves. Her set up is incredible and she truly cares for and loves every dog she works with.
Swagger x Layla 2020


Thanks so much John!  I am happy to know Kelvin is a joy to your family!


We got Cooper from Ramblin Ridge in 2015, his mom was Josie! He has been the best purchase we have ever made. He is the sweetest dog! Cooper is really smart and very cuddly! He likes to play hide and seek, he is great at catching, he loves to get in mud and run in the water at the beach! He is complimented on his colors on almost all of our walks! Besides him being super adorable he also has the best personality! Thank you for him. Cooper has been such a great addition to our lives.


Thanks Keith!


Gumbo is from Harper and Stitch’s Dec 2021 litter. She is about 10 months old now and the friendliest, silliest, most fun pup ever! She accompanies us everywhere, including cross country road trips, farmers markets, and daily hikes. Then she cuddles up with us at night. She has been super easy to train (she got bored in training classes because she is too smart!), and everyone she meets loves her. Thank you Brenda!


This is Lucky! I feel so lucky to have him by my side. He is so smart and is willing to learn anything. He enjoys car rides, running and curling up by my feet while I work. He even likes to garden and can jump 5 feet in the air. He smiles all the time and takes naps in the bathtub. Everyone that sees him comments on his beautiful coat and cute little mask. I could not have asked for a better fur baby. I love him to pieces.
Thank you Brenda!!


Thank You Loren for giving him a loving home!


Harley is from one of Shelby and Wyatt’s litters born February 2021.
She is the most energetic and loving pups ever giving us kisses whenever she can..
She enjoys herding the kitties and being the boss of our Great Pyrenees mix and our Aussie Mix grand dog.
One of her favorite past times is catching waves in the OBX.


Thanks Susanne!  So happy that Harley is part of your family!


We just finished celebrating our girl Nala’s first birthday and she turned out amazing. She is very energetic and is so goofy- she always makes us laugh! She is soooooo smart. I trained her in basic and advanced obedience as well as scent detection, tracking and trailing, as well as service work. I’m a dog trainer so I use her as my example dog and she is great. I have to come up with more and more things to train her in so I can keep up with her intelligence! She is also pretty strong willed at times lol. She is such a beautiful dog with a great (and big) personality. Our lives would not nearly be the same without her. Thank you so much for giving me not only the perfect demo dog, but also greatly loved member of the family. You were so helpful through the process of adopting her and even working with us when we wanted to keep her fuzz ball of a tail lol. Thank you so much!!


Thanks Shantel!  So happy she is part of your family and you are able to provide so much fun for her!  Kudos to YOU!


Thatch has been an absolute joy. He loves long walks, learning new tricks, and playing fetch. He loves to go absolutely everywhere with us. He calls shotgun on all car rides. His coloring is spectacular and he draws a crowd everywhere he goes. Brenda was very professional and a pleasure to work with. She was very patient with our family when we came to choose our pup. We love our Thatch. Thank you Brenda!


Thank You Browning Family!  So happy he has been a lovely addition to the family!


We picked up Winnie in May 2020 and it’s the best decision we ever made. She is a big ball of fluff, fun and love, and adds so much happiness to our life and home. She is a very quick and eager learner, and just the sweetest girl ever – not one mean bone in her body. She goes everywhere with us and draws a crowd no matter where we go with how beautiful and friendly she is! The care Brenda has for her dogs is so clearly demonstrated in the perfection of these puppies. When we are ready for her brother or sister we will be coming straight back to Rambling Ridge.


Thanks Chanelle and Jake!  So happy to know that Winnie is in a loving home!


In April of 2020 we picked up our red Merle boy, Waffles. His parents were Stitch and Hayley. Waffles definitely looks like his mama! Beautiful!
Waffles has an amazing temperament and is really just a big ham. He’s extremely smart and active and impresses us daily. He is a celebrity in the neighborhood due to his friendly manner and his well behaved nature. His looks also attract comments everywhere we go! His blue eyes and fabulous coat are just striking combination.
We couldn’t have asked for a better pup! We were so lucky to be able to get him during the start of the covid pandemic. We were lucky to both have time to work from home to be with him and train him every day.
Brenda is amazing and sent us videos of Waffles until it was safe to pick him up. Brenda was also available by text with any questions I had once we got Waffles home. Brenda was always so kind and great to do business with.
We love Waffles more than anything and maybe someday soon we can look into getting him a half sibling!!?
Thank you so much!!!


Thanks Lauren,  So happy Waffles is doing well and is so loved!  He does look just like his Mama!


Our little Sequoia just turned 1 year old this November, and she’s the cutest little ball of energy. She has such a distinct, mischievous and playful personality. She loves to play tug and chase anything smaller than her. Everyone gives her compliments on our walks. Thank you Brenda for giving us the most wonderful pup!
– Hannah and Demren


Thanks Hannah and Demren, I am so happy she is Loved!


Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! Her energy level is exactly what you said she would be and I am so relieved! She can go on a 10 mile hike or just lay around! She makes us laugh every day! She is so filled with love. We are so thankful that we decided to get her!


Thanks Donna!  So happy you are enjoying her!

Zuzu Petals

Bleaux has been the best thing since sliced bread! She is an excellent student and very athletic. It’s almost uncanny how athletic she is. Smaller than most Aussies but she can fly through the air for some Freezbie’s, loves it! That’s her true passion l, besides pleasing everyone with her warm rubs up against and shaking that imaginary tail! We are so thankful for Ramblin Ridge Aussies and the sweet girl we got


Thanks Bill!   So happy Bleaux is doing well and you love her!


Justin x Trudy 2010 pup
She’s been the best friend , most fun ,spirited,
Athletic loyal member of our family, always watching over us and loves all children more than squirrels even!! And did I mention gorgeous and always been healthy, intelligent.
Wonderful girl we love her so much!!


Thanks Evelyn!   Bree has always been a favorite of mine and Theresa’s!


Can’t thank you enough for this dog! He’s got the brightest personality and is such a joy to have on our farm. Never meets a stranger and is ALWAYS up for a big hug.


Thanks Nancy!  So happy Gus is a sweet boy!


Kaia was born in June of 2019 (River x Maya), so she is coming up on being a year old now. On my way to pick her up, I had no idea what she was going to add to my life, or how much I would grow because of her. Kaia is extremely affectionate, intelligent, and eager to learn new things with me. I take her everywhere, and she stays right by my side. I could not have imagined a dog fit better for my lifestyle or my personality than my beautiful little red tri girl from Brenda. Thank you Ramblin Ridge for this once in a lifetime gift, she is truly my best friend. Once she turns one year old, we will pursue therapy dog training. I think she will be great for it!


Thanks Caitriona!  So happy she has you!

Brandy is turning into a fine girl for sure. We kenneled her last week while we were out of town and everyone there fell in love with her. They even had a birthday party for her first year. She is a gentle loving dog with lots of energy which is Ok. She gets along with other dogs really well and loves people, but most of all she has a passion for chasing balls.
Thanks one more time for giving us a great pet.
Steve and Liz

We picked up Ellie (Lexie x River) Summer of 2018 and she was a DREAM come true. Time came back around this summer as Ellie was in need of a sibling and we were 100% set on getting her a brother from Ramblin Ridge. We welcomed Marshall (Maya x River) summer of 2019 and these two have become inseparable through their adventures! Brenda is one of the best people and breeders I have ever met and she cares deeply for each of her pups! She still keeps in contact and checks in to see them grow!


Thanks Martin & Heather!  So happy to know they both have a loving home!

Ellie & Marshall

My sweet boy is 13 months old and ready for a sibling.    You have done a wonderful job breeding this amazing breed!!    We can’t wait to see you again!  (River and Layla pup)


Thanks Jim and Susan,  I will look forward to helping Scout to have a sibling!



Ralph and I love Maggie Mae. She turned 3 on April 7th! She is SUPER smart, loves the beach, the doggie park, and knows all her toys by name!

Thanks Brenda for a great addition to our family.

Ralph and Karen

Maggie Mae

Brenda runs a tight ship and Ramblin Ridge Aussies is a great place to find your best friend for life. The breeding pairs all seemed friendly and the selection of pups offered a number of great choices.

Brenda and Ramblin Ridge Aussies have given me one of the greatest gifts any person could hope for and his name is Banks. Banks was born March 15, 2018 and turned one year old recently. He made his first trip to the beaches in North Carolina in March. We celebrated his first birthday and he loved it.


Thanks Kevin for giving him a loving home!

Banks Josephus Moore

A picture says a thousand words! Jax was born on 3-31-18 and we picked him up from Brenda in May. He was everything and more than we could have asked for! There was no question as to where we would get our second pup from! Apollo was born on 12-5-18 and we picked him up in February.

They are both amazing and fit in perfectly with our family! Training has been a breeze as they both are excited to learn new things and please us. They both love adventures and have become the best of buddies! We can’t thank Brenda enough for the two AMAZING gifts she has given us. The care, knowledge, and love she puts into her breeding program speaks for itself!


Thank you so much for sharing Alana!   I know they are the blessed ones to be in your family!  Brenda

Jax & Apollo

We welcomed sweet Emma into our lives last August 2018. She is from Lexie and Rivers litter. She is around 10 mos old now and is such a beautiful, sweet girl. She has the BEST temperament and personality, she even loves to give us hugs. She loves all people and all animals and brings amazing joy to our lives. She constantly keeps us on our toes with entertainment and activities. She is wicked smart and enjoys our adventures. We hike, walk, run, agility and she’s just now starting to play in the lake! I’m hopeful I can get her up on a paddle board soon! It’s hard to pick just one photo to share. Thank you Brenda at Ramblin Ridge for one of the most amazing pups. Thank you for taking such incredible care of your dogs and pups.


Thanks Natalie and David!  So happy she is so loved!


Maisy is from Maya x Reno litter (March 2018). Brenda was so amazing throughout the whole experience! She let us come and visit a few times before actually taking Maisy home and she sent pictures every week! Maisy is so smart and loving. Everyone always comments on how beautiful and funny she is!


Thanks Charlotte, So happy she is loved!


Wrigley has been an awesome dog. He is full of energy and always on the move. He loves his other siblings, Including his mom Lacey. We have a full house but will definitely get another one in time!


Thanks Theresa!


Lacey was born 1/15/18 from Miley & River’s litter. She has the biggest personality and is just a wonderful dog! She is so entertaining and keeps us laughing every day! She’s an incredibly fast learner and loves learning.. you can just see her little wheels spinning when we ask her to do something new. I take her with me everywhere I can and she doesn’t know fear – loves everyone she meets and has never met a stranger, human or dog. There are too many great things to say about my sweet girl, and I’m so thankful for her!


Thanks Laura!


Brenda was simply amazing. Responded to every email promptly. For a first time dog owner I couldn’t be more grateful, and satisfied with my beautiful little girl!


“Leia”   (Maya X Reno)


Thanks Jonathan!




Echo was born 01/01/2018 from Bodie & Willow. Echo keeps the whole family on our toes. He always has a smile on his face and keeps us laughing all the time. His favorite thing to do is shake when you have something he wants. Echo is best fetch player I’ve ever met and loves car rides. He loves being outside rain or shine and will follow his family anywhere. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us to make Echo a part of our lives.


Thanks Justin and Ally!




I got Peach back in February of 2018 (Willow X Bodie) and she is an absolute joy to have in my life. Since I got her, I’ve felt happy and extraordinarily lucky to have her. She reminds me every single day to embrace a little bit of crazy and focus when it’s important. She’s insanely smart and so easy to train. I can’t wait to see what adventures wait for us down the line. Thank you SO much for bringing Peach and I together, Brenda!!!


Thank You Anthony


Boone was born January 1, 2018 from Bodie X Willow. He is a very smart, goofy and sweet boy! He loves playing ball and frisbee in his backyard. He is very social and likes cuddles from his family and meeting new friends. Since he was born during the winter he prefers cold weather and loves rolling in the snow.


Thanks Kris!


Happy, Sweet, Biddable, Smart, Devoted – and likes to pretend he’s a gritty farm dog if its not too hot or too wet or too cold outside and if its not time for his nap on the couch. (Photo is by Joseph Gruber).


Maya X River pup (August 2017)

Thanks Jacque!


Copper was born 9/11/15 from a Josie X Wings litter. I cannot say enough good things about my baby and how grateful I am to Ramblin Ridge for producing such an amazing dog. Copper goes everywhere with us, flexes so well in our crazy schedules/farm life and has never met a stranger – human or animal. We had our first child August 2017 and they have since become best buds – I was worried he would be jealous since he’s a Mama’s boy but he has been perfect. If you want an amazing dog with enormous potential I highly recommend a Ramblin Ridge Pup. I had Aussies growing up and have been around many and none come close to Copper. I truly don’t credit myself much – we picked him up and brought him along and somehow he just knew what to do and how to act – He wanted to please us so badly he was a breeze to teach. He is probably the best listener in our house – myself included! He amazes me at how much of everyday conversation he understands and he actually listens to and does what we say. Truly a blessing and the best decision we ever made. When the sad, unthinkable day comes he is no longer with us we hope our next puppy can be a Ramblin Ridge Pup.


Thanks Nathan and Sarah!  Congrats on the new little one!  Brenda


Tonks was born on Halloween of 2017 from River and Lexie’s litter. I was a first time puppy owner and Brenda was so helpful throughout the waiting process and afterwards. Tonks has truly been the most well behaved dog I’ve ever been around. I wanted a companion that could go everywhere with me and she loves to go on the boat, run, play at the beach, bike and she is already awesome at catching the frisbee. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better dog. So thankful!


Thanks Joanna!!


Boone was born 10/31/16, a Halloween baby! He’s been a great dog and a beautiful Aussie. I have yet to take a walk in a over a year and not have someone stop me to ask about him. I was looking for a walking/running partner and he’s been all i could’ve asked for and more! So much personality and a true companion, can’t thank Ramblin Ridge enough for my best friend!


Thanks Corey!!


Otis was born 1/14/17 in River and Breezy’s litter. He is the most affectionate, fearless, charismatic, and intelligent dog I’ve ever met. He is the perfect addition to our family as he loves the outdoors, the water and other dogs. He makes every day an adventure. Thank you Ramblin Ridge for our best buddy that brings us so much joy!


Bonnie is the best gift to our family! She is a fun loving perfect companion. She loves hikes with the family, and is great with children. We love her so much! Thanks for trusting in us!

Bonnie Blue

Jackson has an amazing vocabulary that he understands. He’s been a great mentor to another deaf dog that we rescued recently from a really bad situation. He’s a real pleasure to have around.


We picked up Bailey Anne on 7/7/11 (she was born on 4/18/11) and she is a treasure. Spoiled rotten (as ALL dogs should be) Bailey is a companion, protector, and what a catcher!! She loves the Frisbee or a ball and rarely misses.

Love our Aussies — we have another one (a black-bi)from Heavensown (we’ve been friends for many years) and I understand they purchased Bailey’s dad Cody.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for our awesome girl!!

Sandy X Cody Pup!

Thanks Donna!!

Bailey Anne

Ellie is the sweetest girl you could ever ask for. She gives us endless kisses and love every day. There’s nothing better than coming home to her excited face after work every day. She’s our best friend!


Josie X Wings 2016 Puppy


Kodiak is a September 2015 puppy from Miley and Wings, what a great dog, he has become an absolute focal point in our home. He learns quickly, doesn’t know fear and is very kind, tolerant and gentle with our 2 year old grandson. He has melded well with our other Aussies and our dog club, he has yet to meet someone he hasn’t liked, lick, lick….
Kodiak has started agility classes and is progressing well, he loves to jump, learn and eager to please. I am really looking forward to many years agility trials. I had the opportunity to obtain a puppy here in West Florida I am glad that I found Ramblin Ridge, your puppies are outstanding examples of traditional Australian Shepherds.


Thanks Richard!


Miley and Wings April 2016 pup

“We might be biased but we think Merlin is the cutest pup! He has a personality that always keeps us on our toes and is so affectionate, really a great companion.”
All the Best,

This is Neiko! He is one of pups from Lacey and Bodie’s litter in November, 2012. I am extremely grateful for Brenda at Ramblin Ridge for creating this opportunity for me to call Neiko my own. He is truly the best dog, best companion, anyone could ever ask for. Thank you Brenda..Neiko and I are inseparable!!

Lacey X Bodie November 2012

Thanks Jessica


We got our sweet Bella boo February 2014 and she’s brought us the most smiles!! She loves snuggling, playing fetch, and tearing up toys. She always gets attention for her pretty eyes and nose! We are so grateful for her!

Bella Grace

Hi Brenda

Nala and Ranger are such a huge part of our family. They are so smart, loving and protective our our kiddos! We ❤️Our aussies!!!

Nala and Ranger

Ember is from Bodie and Darla’s 10/14 litter. She is one of the smartest dogs you will ever meet. She is always happy and loves everybody. She swims like a fish and loves to be outside. She rarely slows down! And she has one of the best coats I have ever seen. Thanks Ramblin Ridge..

Darla X Bodie Puppy


We bought Levi nearly a year ago from Brenda (from Darla and Bodie’s litter in Jan 2016) and he has been an amazingly loving dog. We had a two year old at that time… now she is three and we have a newborn baby as well. Levi has been so sweet with both of the kids (and us!) and with our two kitties. He is so very smart- learns very quickly and loves to run and play outside. He’s amazing with other dogs as well- we take him to the dog park and doggy day camp frequently, and everyone loves Levi. We are very happy with him, and definitely recommend Brenda and Ramblin Ridge for anyone looking for a wonderful Aussie pup!


This is Benny, son to Brenda’s Aussie wings. There is definitely a strong resemblance there. This boy has been my best friend for the last 7 months. He lives at home with my wife and I, and is the most obedient, well behaved, loving boy I could have asked for. He’s brought so much happiness to our lives. Thank you Ramblin Ridge for the opportunity to adopt from y’all!


My girl Eva was born in Darla and Bodie’s litter back in January of this year, and now at nearly 11 months old, she’s my best friend. She might just be the happiest dog I’ve ever met; she loves every person and dog she meets, and easily goes from long jogs and hikes with me to cuddling up on the couch. With a great temperament and the softest fur you could ever imagine, everybody asks me where I found Eva, and I proudly recommend Ramblin Ridge to every single one of my friends. I couldn’t be more thankful for Brenda giving me the dog of a lifetime!


Leia is from Miley’s 12/2014 litter and is now almost 2 years old. I couldn’t have asked for a better pup. She has an amazing temperament and beautiful coat. Leia is truly the best thing that has happened to me. Thank you so much Brenda!


Hi Brenda! Just wanted to say thank you for the pup we adopted in 2014. He turned out to be beautiful, and here is a picture of him.  We named him Casper