Ramblin Ridge Policies

About Aussies

Australian Shepherds are not for everyone!!  Aussies are highly intelligent and loyal, and thrive not only on physical activity, but mental stimulation as well.   Most Aussies will require a couple of hours per day of exercise, playtime, hiking/walking etc. They love to learn new things and enjoy time with their families.  Of course there are varying degrees of energy levels in Aussies, but planning ahead for plenty of exercise is important to be sure they will be getting what they need to be happy!

Aussies, as puppies especially, may not do well for  apartment dwellers or people that have jobs that take them away from home for long hours at a time, especially if locked in a crate all day.  This is when they can become bored, anxious, destructive, and become barkers.  This will make your neighbors very unhappy with you, and your puppy could have potential behavior issues in the future!    A fenced yard is also very important, but not required, for them to be able to have free exercise in a safe and controlled area.  It can become tedious for both dog and owner if they can only exercise while being walked on a leash.  They need to be able to stretch their legs and to run and play freely.   Please take these things into consideration when thinking about getting an Australian Shepherd.  We only want success for our Aussies and their families!!  Please do not plan to use a dog park or other open, public facility for daily exercise and training, especially in the puppy stage.

For more information on Australian Shepherds and the Breed Standard, please visit:

American Kennel Club  (akc.org) and look for Australian Shepherd “Breed Standard”

Australian Shepherd Club Of America (asca.org) for the “Breed Standard”

Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute (ashgi.org)


Pricing:  Updated Dec 21, 2023

We have also been impacted by this crazy economy, but want to do what we can to make these Awesome Aussies a bit more affordable!    Prices will likely return to previous pricing in 2025 (Merles $1800 and Tris $1400)

Tri’s (Red or Black) $1200

Merles (Red or Blue) $1500

**Full Breeding Rights/Full Registration is an additional $1000 above pet prices listed above**  You must inform us prior to placing a deposit about your desire to breed so we can have a detailed conversation first.   Breeding rights are only given on a very limited basis.  Contact us for details.

**Please understand that we cannot control Mother Nature.  Even after a litter arrives, the puppies are very fragile for the first couple of weeks and sometimes heartbreaking things happen and a puppy can be lost to unforeseen circumstances.  We also cannot speculate on the numbers, colors, or genders of puppies that will arrive in each litter.  We can only say “possible” colors due to the combination of the dog pairs and what they should be able to produce when bred together.

***We reserve the right to keep any pup produced by us, or to refuse a sale at any time, and for any reason.   Deposit may be refunded in this case if it is within the one year placement period.

Forms of Payments Accepted: 

Cash, Credit Card, Venmo, or PayPal (for DEPOSIT only)

Cash or Personal Check only for BALANCE of puppy price when puppy is received/picked up (no exceptions)  No Cashier’s checks or money orders please.

We do not have payments plans, sorry!  Puppy must be paid for in full prior to leaving our facility.

Deposit Policy:

Deposit is $200 (See deposit submission form on the “Available Pups” page).  The deposit is deducted from the total puppy price listed above with balance due when the puppy is received.   Please do not place a deposit without having communication with us first (email, text, phone call).

Deposits are Non-Refundable, but can be rolled over to another puppy if available, or another litter in the future. Deposits will be held for up to one year from the date the deposit was placed unless previous agreement has been made.  If the year anniversary arrives since you placed your deposit, and you still haven’t picked a puppy, you can continue to wait, but will be added back to the bottom of the list to allow others in front of you to have timely choices.  We will not hold a puppy without a deposit.

When placing a deposit to pick a puppy from a current or upcoming litter, your name will be placed on our reservation list in the order the deposit was received.

When it is your turn to pick, you will have 48 hours to make a decision.  If you are unable to make a decision within those 48 hours, your name will be bumped down to the next place in line so we can allow others on the list to pick a puppy in a timely manner.  If we come to your turn and have made 3 attempts (email, text, phone call) to contact you and we have not gotten a response, we will assume you no longer want a puppy and will remove you from the list.  This will occur even if it has not been a year since your deposit was received.  

Prices listed are for Pet with Limited Registration and Spay/Neuter Contract Required. Please contact us for information on Show/Breeding Quality pups with Full Registration. Full registration will only be given on a limited basis to experienced and knowledgeable owners who have the desire to do at least the minimum health testing required. This is necessary in order to continue to promote the health, well-being, and quality of the Australian Shepherd breed.  Full breeding rights/Full registration is an additional $1000 above any pet price listed


$100 Military (Active or Retired)

Right of First Refusal:

If at any time you are unable to keep a pup/dog that was obtained from Ramblin Ridge, we are to be contacted first, prior to any attempt to rehome or sell the pup/dog. Under NO circumstances shall a pup/dog from Ramblin Ridge be released or surrendered to an Animal Shelter, Humane Society, or Rescue Group.


A puppy (Under 12 months of age) may be returned to us for any reason, and at any time.   See note about adult dogs below

Full refund (Minus $200 deposit) will be given if puppy is returned within the first 7 days of taking possession (not applicable for puppies with tail intact-see below). There will be a 7 day waiting period after the return of a puppy before a refund will be issued to be sure the puppy is healthy

50% refund will be give if puppy is returned between 8 and 30 days of taking possession as long as puppy has no apparent health issues (not applicable for puppies with tail intact-see below). There will be a 7 day waiting period after the return of a puppy before a refund will be issued.  This is so we can quarantine the puppy and evaluate for any health or training needs

After 30 days, and up to 12 months of age, any refund will be at the discretion of Ramblin Ridge, depending on reasons for return, age, condition, and adoptability of puppy.

Adult dogs needing re-homing after 12 months of age will be handled on a case by case basis.  We will do all we can to help to find a suitable home for any Ramblin Ridge puppy/dog, but may not be able to take an adult dog back into our facility.

No Refund will be given for the return of a puppy/dog that has it’s tail intact.  We will always do our best to find the puppy/dog the best home once returned.

Ready for new homes:

Puppies will be allowed to go to their new homes after 7 weeks of age, but are welcome to stay up to 10 weeks if desired.  Once a puppy is reserved, we require the puppy be picked up by 10 weeks of age or additional charges for boarding and any de-wormings/vaccinations given will be accrued.  Boarding is $10/day.

We do not ship our puppies. If you are travelling from more than 4 hours away, we MAY be able to meet you up to 2 hours one way for us (time permitting).   We may also be able to meet you at the Greensboro, NC (Piedmont Triad International) airport or Raleigh/Durham, NC International Airport if you wish to fly in to pick up your puppy to take back on the plane with you.  New owner is responsible for making ALL arrangements and knowing airline policies for travelling with your puppy on the plane as well as all costs.  Puppies must be 8-10 weeks of age (depending on airline) to fly as carry-on to board the plane with you.  They cannot weigh more than 20 pounds including their travel crate.  We have provided this many times in the past and it works VERY well!

Visiting Our Facility:

May 2021-New Policy:   Puppies can have visitors after 4 weeks of age, but we cannot allow puppies to be handled by visitors until after they have received their first puppy shot at 6 weeks of age.   There has been an upsurge of Parvo in the U.S. over the past few of years, and therefore, we cannot allow unvaccinated puppies to be potentially exposed to this deadly virus by visitors who may unknowingly bring it in on their shoes and clothing.   Puppies younger than 6 weeks can be viewed interacting with their siblings and Mother, and be shown by them being held up for closer inspection.  Thanks for your understanding!

We welcome and enjoy visitors, and take pride in our facilities and the care we take of our dogs and puppies.  We do however limit visits by appointment only, and will be limited to 1 hour   Please do not plan to visit our facility if you have been to, or are planning to visit other facilities prior to coming to ours. The health and well-being of our dogs and puppies are of utmost importance, and we must be very careful not to introduce outside germs that could potentially cause sickness and even death in some circumstances.


All visits and puppy pick-ups are by appointment only, and will be limited to 1 hour.  We are very busy with our dogs and puppies as well as taking care of our facility and kennels.   We understand there can be unforeseen circumstances when travelling, especially longer distances, but please be mindful of our time as well as other visitors that may be scheduled the same day, and try to be on time.  If you will be more than an hour late, we will request that you reschedule your visit/appointment for another day.

Health Information:

  • All Puppies will be up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings prior to going to their new homes.  You will be given information pertaining to when your puppy should receive its next vaccinations according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommendations. Typical regimen for puppy vaccinations is 6, 9, and 12 weeks with Rabies after 4 months of age.
  • Please be aware that all puppies require regular de-wormings under the advice of your Veterinarian.  All puppies are susceptible to Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Whip-worms, and occasionally protozoal parasites called Coccidia or Giardia.  It is recommended that stool checks be done regularly to confirm effectiveness of de-worming medications, even after leaving our facilities.  Your puppy/dog will need parasite prevention for the rest of his or her life!
  • Heartworm prevention medications should also be started usually about 8-10 weeks of age to prevent Heartworm infection as well as control of regular worms and to control the flea life cycle.  Flea and Tick control is also highly recommended, and you should discuss options with your Veterinarian as there are many products available.
  • Please be aware and remind your Veterinarian that some Aussies can have sensitivities to some medications including some Heartworm medications
  • We do DNA testing on our adult breeding dogs for multiple genetic disorders to ensure you are receiving the healthiest puppy possible! This testing is done by Paw Print Genetics (www.pawprintgenetics.com) or Animal Genetics (www.animalgenetics.us) Please visit their websites if you are interested in learning more!


Our puppies are guaranteed in writing to be healthy and free from congenital health defects for 2 years (see copy of contract link at the bottom of each web page).   If an issue should arise within the 2 year contract window, we must be contacted immediately.   With written evaluation from your Licensed Veterinarian that there is indeed a congenital defect that will cause the puppy’s life to be shortened or adversely affected, we will replace the puppy with a puppy of equal value when one becomes available.  No monies will be returned in this situation.  Our contract/guarantee does not cover any internal or external parasites of any kind which are part of a puppy’s continued preventative healthcare throughout his or her life span.  Your puppy must be examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 3 business days of receiving your puppy in order for the contract/guarantee to be valid.  Spay and Neuter contracts require the altering be done by 18 months of age.

Tails and Dewclaws

While the AKC and ASCA breed standard dictates that The Australian Shepherd has a docked tail, we are occasionally willing to leave a tail on per request of a puppy buyer.   This can only be done if you are at the top of the list with a deposit in place to pick a puppy; you are willing to pick your puppy before 4 days of age; and you are able to pay 50% of total puppy price at that time (Balance due at pick-up).  If any event or change of mind causes the puppy to NOT go home with the family that reserved him/her with a tail left on, all monies are forfeited at that time including the deposit and 50% payment made.   Please note:  Not all puppies are born with a long, full tail.  They can be born with NBT (Natural Bob Tail) which means it is shorter than a full tail, but can be any length from an inch to a full tail with a kink or bend at the end.   Very rarely is a puppy born with NBT that doesn’t still need to be shortened a bit to meet the “Breed Standard”. Dew claws are removed from all puppies unless requested otherwise.

Blue Eyes

We also love blue eyes, but we cannot under any circumstance guarantee that your puppy will keep his or her blue eyes forever.   We can only give it our best guess when your puppy is 6-8 weeks old depending on the shade of blue in their eyes, but again this is a best guess and there is NO guarantee.  We will not hold any puppy to wait for eye color preferences. 

Pictures and Videos

We know it is important for new owners to have plenty of pictures of the puppies, and usually try to do them every 7-10 days.  This is not always the exact timing, so please be patient as we will get them to you as soon as possible!  Videos will be done when the puppies are old enough to get around and start playing with toys etc.   The first pictures set of pictures are taken between 1-3 days of age, prior to tails and dewclaws being removed (if applicable).

Puppy Goodie Bags

All puppies go home from Ramblin Ridge with a Goodie Bag that includes: Sample bag of puppy food (Purina Pro Plan Shredded Chicken and Rice-Puppy or Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice-Puppy), toys, treats, collar and leash, and a blanket with familiar smells to help with the transition to their new home.  You will also receive a folder that includes their registration (AKC and/or ASCA) paperwork, Purchase Agreement/Contract/Guarantee (to be filled out when puppy is received), Health Record of vaccinations and de-wormings to take to your Vet, and a copy of the “Puppy Tips and Recommendations” which is also a link at the bottom of each website page.

Note about Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice Puppy Food:  There are 2 versions of this food; one has kibble with shredded chicken (freeze-dried), and the other is just the kibble.  We start the young puppies on just the kibble so there is no concern for choking on the shredded chicken pieces.  Either version is fine after taking your puppy home with you.