The Boys


AKC Ramblin Ridge Wild Nights In Rio Dam: Spring Creek’s Red Guns A Blazing Sire: Spring Creek’s Jacks Are Wild DNA Testing:  Clear on Aussie Genetic Panel (Embark)


AKC/ASCA  Ramblin Ridge Would If I Could Dam: Fifteen Acre Farms Minerva Sire:  Silverbrook American Soldier DNA Testing: Clear by Parentage (Pawprints Aussie Panel)


AKC/ASCA  Ramblin Ridge Let’s Dance Dam: Fifteen Acre Farms Leisle Sire:  Fifteen Acre Farms Frequent Flyer Myles DNA Testing: Clear by parentage (Pawprints Aussie Panel) Bowie Pedigree


AKC/ASCA Ramblin Ridge Life Of Stitch Sire:  Spring Creeks Gunslinger Dam:  Spring Creeks Shoot Em Up Allie OFA: Hips Good DNA Testing:  Pawprint Genetic Panel:  CEA n/n, CD n/n, HUU n/n, HC n/n, MFR1 n/n, NCL6 n/n, PRA/PRCD n/n, MDR1 n/n, DM n/M Red Factored Stitch Pedigree